Saving the game of golf

Golf is dying. Well sort of. There are fewer and fewer young people taking up the sport. I get that. You have to actually go outside to play the game. It will take more than dexterity with your thumbs. This is a real sport.

Sadly, those that play the game cling to tradition while allowing the sport to die a slow death of indifference. We don’t have Tiger Woods to create excitement anymore. Oh snap, yes we do. He continues to hit 300+ yard drives on EA sport system game sets. He shows up on video devices in his red shirt and hasn’t aged a minute. Unfortunately, that Tiger doesn’t go outside anymore.

Golf is not a fantasy game. You can play a fantasy game called golf, but that is a far cry from reality. In the real world, you have to strike a real ball and traverse 9 or 18 holes to complete a game. It can not be accomplished in 30 minutes.

Now, lots of folks try to play. They go to the driving range and just bang balls around willy nilly without any thought beyond hitting it hard and far. That is not golf, that is nothing close to the game of golf. Playing gold requires you hit the ball in a certain direction. In golf, distance is only important if you know how to control how far the ball will travel.

Many people do show up at a golf course and attempt to play the game. They hit the ball off the first tee and more times than not, they hit it reasonably well. The second shot and those that follow become the problem. The swing and slash and attempt to move the ball forward. Usually, they hit the ground or the middle of the ball or swing and miss all together. Not so easy to hit a ball that is lying there just waiting to be struck.

So they plod along. More experienced golfers come up behind them and they feel the pressure of people waiting for them to advance the ball. The people waiting complain to one another about the “slow pace of play”.

So, the beginner either just picks up the ball in frustration or they stand off to the side and watch those behind “play through”. It is discouraging. It is killing the game.

At the current pace, less people will show up to play. Courses will have to raise their fees. Less people will show up because now money out of pocket and time expended have increased. Then, as we have seen all to often, courses close.

It does not have to be that way. It should not be that way. Learning to play should not be more difficult than learning advanced rocket science. I have a better way. Really!!!

Use my method when teaching and playing with beginners and novices. They will move along. They will have fun. They will be back.

Check it out . . .  MacArthur’s Magic Method