She was her best friend…

Stacey and Angie

My friend Stacy tells it this way, ” I met Angie during orientation for college in 1992.  She was my room-mate for all four years of college and forever my best friend.  We shared many special times.  The month before she died we had actually gone to Jamaica together to celebrate my father’s 50th birthday.  We had debated whether to make the trip because it was very expensive and my husband had just been laid off from his job. I will forever be grateful that I made the trip because the memories I have of those few weeks helped keep me sane in the months following her death.”

Angie’s death is mentioned twice in that paragraph.  We all have memories of the day she died. Blogs have been written about where were you when … the plane hit the Pentagon.  Angie Houtz was in the Pentagon that day.  She was one of the many victims of the attack.  I don’t know all the back stories of the victims.  I never actually met Angie. I know Stacey. In a strange way, I guess I know Angie too.

Stacey Ann Baugh

Most people mourn the death of friends and family privately.  They cry with one another.  The sit and share stories.  They promise they will never forget the good times or the person.  That is what most people do.  Stacey wanted to do more.  She want to be sure that Angie’s dreams and hopes would live on.  Stacey, with a couple friends and Angie’s sisters created a memorial fund. The Angie M. Houtz Memorial Scholarship Fund became a reality.

One of the primary sources of funding comes from a golf tournament that is held once a year.  This year the event is taking place on October 8 at the beautiful Oak Creek Golf Club in Upper Marlboro, MD.  It won’t be hard to spot Angie’s friends and family, they will be manning the sign up area, cruising the golf course and making sure everyone has a good time.  Did I mention, Angie was not all business, she knew how to have a good time.  She was often the spark that ignited joy in her friends eyes.

John MacArthur

I will be playing in the tournament.  I will be there to support Stacey and Angie’s memory.  You see, Stacey is quite a remarkable young woman herself.  Today, as a wife, mom, Doctor, Realtor and friend, she carries Angie’s memory everywhere.

Now, it is no secret that Americans everywhere are still angry over being attacked.  The war to end all wars continues in the middle east, moving from one country to the next.  There is little we can do other than support our troops.  Well, there is a way to honor all of those that lost their lives.  Lift Angie Houtz up and support the memorial fund.  There is plenty of room if you wish to play.  If you can not play…donate.  Don’t do it for Stacey.  Do it for Angie, she was her best friend.