104 degrees … beats laying in air conditioned Children’s Hospital bed

Wednesday was conditioning day as I wind up my preparation for the Children’s Miracle Network Golf marathon.  Lourdes and I went out to the course to strategize (not a real word but expresses our intent), go over cart management and see how long we could stand the 104 degree heat.  I had already spent about 5 hours on the course in the morning.

It was hot.  The ground shimmered with reflected heat.  A haze of an indescribable color hung just above the tree line.  The earth dry and rock solid sporting a withering coating of grass lay before us.  Yes, it was hot and nasty.  The one thought that we shared “How many children are laying in hospitals right now that would love to run and play under the July sun.  These little ones are hidden from the public.  The care givers see them every day. Their parents sit by their bedside day and night.  One of the collective dreams shared…they would love to be treating a sunburn or a scraped knee.  They silently sit and wait for a miracle.

The wonderful management team and golfers at The Gunpowder Golf Course understand the need.  They are supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Golf Marathon.  Members are buying balloons daily.  They get it.  These wonderful men and women realize a dollar here or there will add up. You won’t see their faces on the evening news. They live next door and down the street.  They are the stuff that makes this country great.

So, off we went, testing the limits of our heat wave.  We traveled down hills and back up again.  We passed creeks and ponds.  We fought off mosquitoes and horse flies.  Calloused hands found new blisters and sweat glands went into overdrive.  We passed friends that were playing and were encouraged by their support.  Minutes turned into one hour then two and then we called it a day.   The temperature was hovering above 100 and we had appointments with a few more sponsors.  To date we have over fifty supporters on a per hole basis and we have been able to sign up 9 tee/hole sponsors.  The hole/ tee sponsors that have signed on so far are: ReMax Realty Centre Golf Tournament, Universal Printing , Telligent Masonry Construction , Dwight Mueller DDS (Wintergreen Family Dental), Potomac Disposal , Levi Brandriss (Ameriprise Financial), Capital Settlements, Tudela-MacArthur and  CJ Ferrari’s Restaurant . You can see there is still room for more.  Please remember these firms when you have a need for someone in their field. Their support speaks volumes about their character.

I can’t change the world.  I understand that the newspapers are full of just horrible stories.  Yes, the oil spill is down right frightening.  Of course, the war over seas is a dilemma.  There is no doubt that the economy is still seeking recovery.  All these things will sort themselves out over time.  Some of the children don’t have that sort of time. They are waiting on a miracle.  No one person can make that happen.  I believe that if we join together, we can make it happen.  That is why 104 degrees was not much to suffer.  Lourdes and I could go home at sunset.


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