It’s your call…Will you step up to the plate?

So, we are in the final stages of gathering support for the Children’s Miracle Network Golf Marathon.  It still is not to late for you to step up to the plate and support this effort. It is so easy to say “the children are our future”.  It is very comfortable in our home if our children are not facing physical and emotional challenges.  Children like Max, are not fictitious.

Max is just one of thousands. His parents are just two of thousands. His miracle does not have to stand alone. It can be repeated at Children’s hospitals across the country.  Sometimes, folks just need a little help.

If you have a minute or two to spare, please read about the event and consider offering your support.  If you think about it….. a small donation made can become part of the synergistic effect of all the others that took the time.

Children’s Miracle Network

Golf Marathon

Sponsored by

Gunpowder Golf Club

July 13th, 2010

You can support the Marathon. Balloons will be available at the course. Donate as little as you can but as much as you would like and have your name printed on a balloon that will be displayed in the clubhouse (These are similar to the balloons you have seen in 7-11).

The Children’s Miracle Network golfer (John MacArthur aka JMac) will begin playing the course at sunrise and continue playing all day long.  If you would like to support the event , you can do so in one of several methods.

Platinum Level — single donation from $25 to $100

The Platinum Level sponsors are concerned only with how and not how many.  These individuals are aware of the challenges faced by the Children’s Miracle Network and wish to donate regardless of how many holes are completed.

Individual Tee (Hole) Sponsors — $10 per sponsored hole passed during the marathon.

The Individual Hole Sponsorships are limited to 18 slots.  Once 18 sponsors have signed up, their hole number will be drawn randomly.  Each time the golfer completes the hole that is sponsored, the sponsor will donate $10 to the Children’s Miracle Network. There will be a sign noting the sponsorship on the appropriate hole. (The estimated cost of this level is $30-$40. It will cap at $50 and $50 is possibly beyond physical possibility)

Gold Level — .10 cents per hole (increased by .05 if hole is pared, increased by .15 if better than par)

The Gold Level sponsors are the backbone of any charity event.  They recognize that their contribution may $5 or $10 dollars and that their participation will grow through the synergy of all the participants.  (If the golfer manages to finish 54 holes, making par on 25% and better than par on 10%, the total contribution will be $6.85)

All checks should be made payable to: Children’s Miracle Network. Mail contributions to: Children’s Miracle Network c/o ReMax Realty Centre, 3300 Olney-Sandy Spring Road, Olney, MD 20832. Please note in the for area: Golf Marathon.

For more information regarding this event, contact J. MacArthur 301-509-5111.

You can help make a Miracle Happen

So, you make the call. Will you step up to the plate?




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