A good walk is never spoiled . . .

I suppose there will be those that find this blog boring.  If you play the game, if you really play the game, you will find this small patch of  interweb space informative…resourceful…and at times entertaining.

Keep it in the short grass…

Never up, never in …

Does your wife play …

Yes, we have all shared those sayings or been on the receiving end…

That is the intimate part of the game…..we all suffer for our love.

There are even times when a fellow golfer will share something that is off the wall, that you have never heard before and makes you cringe and chuckle at the same time….

Buddy Poms, one of my life long golfing companions, dropped this one on me and my son the other day…

Buddy had hit his second shot to a green on a par four.  He had a 25 foot, slightly downhill putt for a birdie.  Buddy stood behind the ball and plumb bobbed the putt.  He walked around the green and bent down to view the line from behind the hole. He walked to the side, mid-way between the ball and the hole, and looked at the direction the grass was growing..

He then looked up at me and my son, patiently waiting and pronounced.

“This is a damn lesbian putt……”

“A what ????”, my son and I asked in unison.

“Damn lesbian putt……..doesn’t do dick”

He then proceeded to stroke the  ball directly at the cup. It rolled down the incline and dropped … dead center.

Buddy smiled as he pulled the ball out of the cup, looked at us and said ” love those lesbo putts, don’t do dick and drop to the bottom of the cup every time.”

If you are not offended and understand there is no hate in that interchange,  you  may get this little blog.

Golf is a non hate sanctuary.  Golf will expose every weakness. Golf is a good walk (even if you only walk from the cart to your ball and back).  A good walk is never spoiled.

Entries will be random.  You see life gets in the way of golf and I will be playing before writing. I will practice before writing.  But as time permits…I will share.

If any of you want to share a comment or a story……..do so.

This is not some interweb version of a 19th hole…it is just a blog.